Being an Alumni Scholar is more than just receiving a scholarship. Scholars are involved in campus events and organizations, increase their connections to the university, build their leadership skills at UCLA and stay involved as alumni. Benefits of the prestigious Alumni Scholars Club include:
  • Assistance for up to 12 points with on-campus parking for the first year for scholars living off campus.
  • Opportunities to receive additional Alumni Scholarships.
  • Academic counseling from the Division of Honors for first-year students.
  • Alumni Mentor Program matches students with a UCLA graduate who can provide valuable career advice, academic guidance and personal development.
  • Leadership development opportunities are available to Alumni Scholars through various service opportunities or programs such as the Leadership Development Program. You can also apply to become an ASC coordinator or executive board member.
  • Photocopying, computer and printing privileges at the James West Alumni Center for Alumni Association members. One-time fee applies.
  • Support from Alumni Association staff, including a full-time advisor, to assist with campus programs and services.
  • Social networking in person with fellow Alumni Scholars through social activities and community service events.
  • Philanthropic opportunities to give back to the Alumni Scholars Club to strengthen the resources available for continued student development.