In 1976, the UCLA Alumni Association founded the Alumni Scholars Club (ASC) as a support group for students who had received Alumni Association scholarships. At its start, ASC focused solely on fostering relationships amongst its members by hosting social events such as: dances, parties, and bowling tournaments.

Entering the mid 1980s, ASC shifted its focus from a purely social club to one with a greater emphasis on service and community. Foremost, the organization initiated various student recruitment programs to give more scholars opportunities to alumni resources. Concurrently, ASC members became more involved in volunteering at Alumni Association events, marking the start of the service requirement for scholarship renewal.

Today, the Alumni Scholars Club coordinates a variety of student and alumni programs in conjunction with the Alumni Association. These programs vary from professional development to group bonding. ASC's executive board continues to develop and implement projects with support from the more than 500 active ASC members to show that student support goes far beyond the monetary contribution of the scholarship. Additionally, club meetings are held once every quarter and individual committees hold weekly meetings to help plan and add even more programs and service opportunities for other members.

ASC takes pride in serving UCLA and the Alumni Association, especially while working to create a sense of community among our Scholars.