Starting in 1936, the UCLA Alumni Association began the tradition of awarding scholarships to help deserving students. Since then, more than 10,000 Bruins have been the recipient of an Alumni Scholarship. To gain a better understanding of all the scholarships offered by the UCLA Alumni Association, information on each has been provided below. For additional information on each, please click here.

Alumni Scholarships for Incoming Students

All Alumni Scholarships for incoming students are initially awarded through a rigorous application screening and interview process. Payments for second, third, and fourth year scholarships are dependent on scholarship renewal requirements.
  • The Freshman Alumni Scholarship is a standard, merit-based scholarship open to incoming students. All California UCLA freshman applicants who apply in the fall immediately after graduating from a California high school are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The Dr. Ralph J. Bunche Alumni Scholarship is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche '27, class valedictorian, United Nations founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner. These scholarships were established during the 1970s to recognize and support students from historically underrepresented backgrounds who add to the diversity of the UCLA community.
  • The Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarship is for students transferring to UCLA from a Community College. The scholarship award is divided into equal annual installments to be paid over two years and applicants are subject to specific transfer requirements.
  • The UCLA Alumni Legacy Scholarship is for academically talented undergraduate students who have a parent or guardian that is a UCLA degree holder. The applicant must be admitted to UCLA under the standard admissions process.
  • The Out-of-State Alumni Scholarship provide an outstanding opportunity for highly accomplished students from outside California to fund their UCLA education. The Out-of-State Alumni Scholarship is awarded through an application screening process with some regions requiring a local interview. The award is divided into equal annual installments – to be paid over four years for freshman, and two years for transfer students.

Alumni Scholarships for Continuing Students

Alumni Scholarships for continuing students are only available to those who have been in the Alumni Scholar program for at least one year and are in good academic and organization standing.
  • The True Bruin Distinguished Senior Award is a prestigious scholarship awarded to highly meritorious students who exemplify the True Bruin values of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Service. It is an opportunity for seniors to receive a scholarship through the esteemed Alumni Scholarship Program, and showcase the skills, knowledge, and leadership experiences they have gained on campus and in their community. Award recipients will receive a $5,000 scholarship and be recognized and celebrated across campus. All eligible seniors are welcome to apply!
  • The Lew and Edie Wasserman Grant provides additional financial assistance to continuing students who have already won previous Alumni Scholarships. As these students have already established a strong record of merit based on their original awards, applicants are evaluated for Wasserman Grants using a combination of factors involving both merit and demonstrated financial need.