Welcome to ASC’s Tutoring Program! This program gives you the opportunity to tutor or seek tutoring in your classes, and allows you to give back to your friends, classmates, and ASC! This year, we are implementing three types of tutoring sessions:

Regular Tutors

These tutors will tutor the same tutees on a regular basis (weekly/biweekly), and at a set time each week. After the initial tutoring session, it is up to the tutor and tutee to keep good communication and notify each other ahead of time if one of them is unable to attend their scheduled sessions. The deadline to sign-up for a regular tutor is the Friday of third week, and these tutor-tutee pairs will carry throughout the quarter.

Emergency Tutors

These tutoring sessions are scheduled on a one-time basis, and sign-ups are rolling, meaning that tutees can sign up for a tutor at any time throughout the quarter. For these tutoring sessions, expect around 2-5 business days to hear back as to whether or not you’ve been successfully paired up with an Emergency Tutor. The tutor and the tutee will receive each other's contact information, and the tutor and tutee are then able to contact each other to find a time that works best for them.


Students who register as E-tutors will have the opportunity to answer quick/conceptual questions that the tutee may have. Registed E-tutors have their email and major displayed below, so that tutees will be able to ask questions directly through email. (Note that some classes may have content that is difficult to adequately explain through email. If this is the case, consider one of the other tutoring options!) Students are allowed to register as an E-tutor only, or as an E-tutor and a Regular/Emergency Tutor. E-tutors will earn 1 service hour for every 3 questions they answer through email.

Click here to apply as a Tutor or Tutee!

Available Tutors:

The following list contains E-tutors who are willing to help you! Feel free to contact them via email. Note: E-tutors are sorted by graduation year.

Name Class Major Email
Manjari Daniel 2018 Neuroscience manjaridaniel@g.ucla.edu
Nicholas O'Connell 2020 Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology nick_oconnell7@yahoo.com