Welcome Alumni!

The Alumni Scholars Club executive board strives to unite and utilize the talents of each Alumni Scholar to fully embrace the values of service, leadership, and community. In doing such, each scholar is given an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the UCLA community. It is our goal to extend the value of an Alumni Scholarship from simply monetary support to a platform that facilitates the creation of significant, long-term goals.

Alumni Support

Under the support of alumni donors, our mission consists of the following:
  1. Promote mutually beneficial relationships between growing numbers of active alumni and scholars
  2. Increase the involvement of regular and new alumni volunteers to procure and retain diverse knowledge and perspectives
  3. Provide incoming and returning scholars opportunities to advance their personal and professional growth
  4. Support the inclusive vision of increasing recognition of the Alumni Scholars Club on campus and amongst UCLA Alumni

Staying Connected as an Alumnus

Your support and continued involvement with the Alumni Scholars Club is important to us! Below are just a few ways you can remain up-to-date and involved:
  • Like the UCLA Alumni Scholars Facebook page here.
  • Join the ASC Alumni Relations Facebook group here
  • Email the Alumni Relations committee at alumnirelations@alumnischolarsclub.org if you are interested in attending our events and/or participating in our programs.
We look forward to seeing you at an ASC event in the near future and sincerely thank you for your continued support and interest in our organization.