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Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is exclusively for Alumni Scholars and provides you with the resources, networking opportunities, and career-focused programs needed to escalate your leadership skills to the next level! The program aims to help you develop the skills and connections to land internships, jobs, leadership positions, and more.

LDP Features Include:

  • Alumni guest speakers and pre-professional workshops
  • Opportunity to apply for a $1,000 LDP Scholarship
  • Free headshot
Did you miss our info session on November 16th? Take a look at our presentation below to learn more about the program:
Info Session Presentation

Download Forms:
 Task Submission Form
 Activity Petition Form
 Tier 4 Task Completion Form

LDP Roster: Updated biweekly. Check your points below.
TLDP Roster

Tutoring Programs

Sign up to be either a tutor or tutee and be paired with a corresponding tutor/tutee who can help you with anything from learning the material, providing support during stressful study situations, or knowing what to expect on the professor's midterms.

Also, you get 1.5 service hours (toward your 30 hour requirement for ASC) for every hour you tutor.

    Tutor Registration: Click Here
    Tutee Registration: Click Here
More Information: Here

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