Introduction to Academic Enrichment

The Academic Enrichment Committee is here to serve and support you as you navigate through your college journey! Therefore, we offer both the Tutoring Program as well as the Notes/Test Bank, in order to provide resources that you can use to further excel. Furthermore, we aim to host more events for our transfer students, in order to build more of a transfer community within ASC as well. Let us know if there are any events or programs that may be helpful; we will do our best to help you, so don’t hesitate to utilize these resources!

Tiffany Ju
Academic Enrichment Director 2016-2017

 Tutoring Program

Sign up to be either a tutor or tutee and be paired with a corresponding tutor/tutee who can help you with anything from learning the material, providing support during stressful study situations, or knowing what to expect on the professor's midterms.

Also, you get 1.5 service hours (toward your 30 hour requirement for ASC) for every hour you tutor!
 Tutor Registration: Sign Up Here
 Tutee registration: Sign Up Here

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 Tutor Profiles

Name Email Class of Classes
Carlos Silvac.jesus10@hotmail.com2017Chem 20A, Chem 30A, Chem 30B, LS 2, Math 33A
Ramanan Sivasundaramramnoodles@gmail.com2017Chem 14A, Chem 20A, Math 33A, Math 32A, Math 31A, Math 31B, CS 33, CS 31, CS 32, Physics 1A, Physics 1B, Physics 6A, Physics 6B, Math 3A, Math 3B, Math 3C
Tiana Baghdikiantianabaghdikian@yahoo.com2017Chem 20A, Chem 20B, Chem 20L, Math 31B, Physics 4AL
Ana Gomezagomez0925@ucla.edu2016English Comp 3, English 4W, Psychology 10
Ethan Youssefzadehethanzadeh@gmail.com2016Hebrew, Farsi, Religon studies
Eva Mocevamoc@ucla.edu2016LS1, LS2, LS4, LS23L, Chem 14C, Chem 14BL, Chem 14CL
Hayoung Younhayoungyoun@ucla.edu2016LS 2, LS 3, LS 4, LS 23L, Physics 6A, Physics 6B, Physics 6C, Chem 30A, Chem 30B, Chem 30C
Joe Carsonjosephrcarson@gmail.com2016LS 1, LS 2, LS 3, LS 4, (I received As in anatomy and physiology at my CC as well), Chemistry through 30B + 30BL, Physics 6A, Physics 6B, Physics 6C, Math 31A, Math 31B, Math 32A, Intro Psych courses + Comparative Psych, Writing courses (like lower division English), Potentially other courses

 Notes/Test Bank

Donate notes/tests/syllabi in order to gain access to the Notes/Test Bank, where you can see notes/midterms/finals from previous years for the classes you're taking. Please check out the following link for more info on this program, as well as the service hours you can earn by donating.

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 The Scholar Report

ASC's Academic Enrichment Committee would like to welcome you to apply for: The Scholar Report.

A world of innovative thinking and leading research, curious minds and intriguing details, The Scholar Report is where speakers like YOU will have the opportunity to present your research or fieldwork to peers, professionals, and alumni.

The Scholar Report Will:

Best of all, we are now ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! Click here to access the 2016-2017 application.

Due February 10, 2017 at 11:59pm to

The Scholar Report will be hosted on May 4, 2017, from 6-8pm. Thank you!

 Transfer Student Affairs

Transfer students are a core component of ASC's student body. Throughout their time at UCLA and in ASC, these students have influenced their local community profoundly and have withheld the highest standards of excellence and diligence in their work and service. As part of our committee, we'll focus on providing a variety of resources for ASC's transfer community so that they can more easily reach their goals at UCLA. Further information will become available throughout the academic year. In the meantime, please forward any questions you may have to